E-Cigs For Every Day Use-How I Started

I have never been a smoker, but I had and interest in E-Cigs and all the interesting flavors that they come in.  One day I decided to try one.  I was very surprised at how good the flavor was.  I could see why they were growing in popularity so quickly.  I decided to do some more research on them.  I will provide some of the research that I have found.



They come in a multitude of different flavors.  Some people are even making thier own interesting flavors.  Some of the very common flavors are.

  • Strawberry
  • Grape
  • Blackberry
  • Bubble Gum
  • Orange
  • Boysenberry

While those are just a small hand full of the available flavors they are by no way the limit of the flavors.



One of the reasons they are becoming so popular is that they can be smoked almost anywhere.  With all the restrictions on actual cigarettes, a lot of smokers are turning to this option based on the ability to still be social and smoke.  Plus they can add special flavors to the e-cig and enjoy them more.


Smoking In The Car

One of the other benefits is that you can smoke these in you car and not make the vehicle smell like a smoker.  People are smoking them in limos, airports and businesses.  With it mainly being a water vapor with nicotine in it they are able to curve the nicotine crave and still smoke in the car, airport or a local business.  A lot of people have come to the conculusion that this is a better, safer, cleaner and less smelly way of enjoying a smoke.


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